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Rainbow Resource Centre
Serves the needs of the gay and lesbian community in Winnipeg by providing services and facilities such as a telephone counselling line, a library and archives and meeting space for groups and events. Provides the general public with information, speakers and workshop leaders on the topic of homosexuality. (See Details)
LGBT Family Coalition

A bilingual group of lesbian mothers and mothers-to-be committed to providing support, information, resources and a lot of fun to alternative families. Provide information on becoming a parent. This includes medical, legal, psychological and social issues. Discuss education (daycare and schools) and how to deal with homophobia. Provide support activities such as monthly meetings, discussion groups, guest speakers and Play-group once a week.

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Rainbow Services, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (formerly LesBIGay)

Provides counselling to lesbian, gay and bisexual people who are concerned about their use of drugs and alcohol. Our services are available to individuals with a variety of goals and are specialized to take into account the unique needs and issues that gay, lesbian and bisexual people face. Staff is made up of gay, lesbian, bisexual and straight professionals who are trained and experiences in counselling people with concerns about their use of alcohol and other drugs.

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Lesbian Mothers Support Society
December 9 Coalition
Forms a working coalition on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trangendered issues.
Canadian Rainbow Health Coalition
Forms a national organization whose objective is to address the various health and wellness issues that people who have sexual and emotional relationships with people of the same gender, or a gender identity that does not conform to the identity assigned to them at birth, encounter. (See Details)
Exists to make the health care environment a place of empathy, justice, and equity. Represents the concerns of millions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex patients and thousands of LGBTI health professionals throughout North America. (See Details)
Toronto Coalition for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Youth
Advocates and works for the creation of proactive services and supports for lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth in Toronto. Members include adults, youth, parents, friends, social service workers, educators, professionals, and interested community members. (See Details)
LGBT Health Association of BC
Two Spirited People of the First Nations (TPFN)
Provides emotional, cultural, educational and outreach activities. Provides educational and preventative programs and services. (See Details)