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Direction générale de la santé des Premières Nations et des Inuits

Appuie la prestation de services de santé publique et de promotion de la santé sur les réserves et dans les communautés inuits. Fournit également des médicaments, des soins dentaires et des services de santé accessoires aux Premières nations et aux Inuits, quel que soit leur lieu de résidence. Offre également des soins primaires sur les réserves dans les régions éloignées et isolées, où les services provinciaux ne sont pas facilement disponible. // Supports the delivery of public health and health promotion services on-reserve and in Inuit communities. Provides drug, dental and ancillary health services to First Nations and Inuit people regardless of residence. Also provides primary care services on-reserve in remote and isolated areas, where there are no provincial services readily available.

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Assembly of First Nations
Forms the national representative organization of the First Nations in Canada. // Sert de forum national délégué des Premières Nations. (See Details)
National Indian and Inuit Community Health Representatives Organization
Works to upgrade the quality of health care of Indian and Inuit people to the standard of health enjoyed by the rest of the population of Canada. (See Details)
Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs
Provides a forum for discussion, coordination and consensus building and is intended to be comprehensive in terms of scope of issues and the integration of political and technical institutions of First Nations in Manitoba. (See Details)
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Supports First Nations and Inuit in developing healthy, sustainable communities and in achieving their economic and social aspirations. Delivers services such as education, housing, and community infrastructure to Status Indians on-reserve, and social assistance and social support services to residents on-reserve. (See Details)
Two Spirited People of the First Nations (TPFN)
Provides emotional, cultural, educational and outreach activities. Provides educational and preventative programs and services. (See Details)
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service