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Alliance canadienne de l'épilepsie

Describes a partnership of grassroots organizations that promote the independence, quality of life, and full community participation of persons with and affected by epilepsy. Offers support services and advocacy, and promotes education and public awareness. Web site includes an on-line newsletter and a toll-free telephone number. Regroupe un réseau d’associations communautaires qui se consacrent à la promotion de l'autonomie et de la qualité de vie des personnes faisant de l'épilepsie, ainsi que de leurs familles.

Epilepsy Canada
Promotes and supports research into all aspects of epilepsy. Works to create awareness and understanding of epilepsy through educational programs and advocacy. (See Details)
Epilepsy Ontario
Promotes independence and optimal quality of life for children and adults living with seizure disorders, by promoting information, awareness, support services, advocacy, education and research. (See Details)
Epilepsy Toronto
Forms an organization that provides information, counselling, employment support and education to help people with epilepsy live independently and with dignity as meaningful participants in the community. (See Details)