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No Free Lunch
Forms an organization of health care providers who believe that pharmaceutical promotion should not guide clinical practice, and that over-zealous promotional practices can lead to bad patient care. Encourages health care practitioners to provide high quality care based on unbiased evidence rather than on biased pharmaceutical promotion. Informs health care providers as well as the general public about pharmaceutical industry efforts to promote their products and influence prescribing. Provides evidence that promotion does in fact influence health care provider behavior, often in ways that run counter to good patient care. (See Details)
Amgen Canada Inc
Multinational pharmaceutical company with headquarters in California. Focusing on biotechnology, their research and product development programs aim to help patients in four critical areas: nephrology, hematology and oncology, bone and inflammation, and neurology and endocrinology. Produce breast and Ovarian cancer medication. Committed to dramatically improving people's lives.
German Federal Congress of Development Action Groups
Encourages rational use of drugs. Advocates against irresponsible business practices of multinational pharamaceutical companies, focussing on Germany and various Third World countries. Cooperates with doctors and pharmacists, consumer organisations, students and a network of 200 Third World groups in Germany. Collaborates with groups in more than 70 countries through participation in network of Health Action International (HAI). (See Details)