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Alberta Cervical Cancer Screening Program
Works to improve prevention and early detection of cervical cancer. It is intended to enhance and strengthen the cervical screening services already available to Alberta women ages 18-69 years. Works with doctors and labs to send Pap test results directly to women and reminds women when their next Pap test is overdue. Also provides a follow-up reminder system to physicians. (See Details)
Manitoba Cervical Cancer Screening Program (MCCSP)
Works to reduce deaths from cervical cancer. (See Details)
Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention
Composed of five international agencies wishing to prevent cervical cancer worldwide. Works to clarify, promote, and implement strategies for preventing cervical cancer in developing countries. (See Details)
National Cervical Cancer Coalition
Forms a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving women with, or at risk for, cervical cancer and HPV disease. (See Details)
Gynaecologic Cancer Support Group
Provides support for women with gynaecologic cancer in a warm and understanding environment. (See Details)
Ontario Cervical Screening Program
Seeks to reduce the incidence of and mortality from cervical cancer by implementing a comprehensive cervical screening program for all Ontario women. (See Details)
Colposcopy Unit