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Research as a spiritual contract: an Aboriginal women's health project

Describes the work of two researchers, Connie Deiter and Linda Otway, who use specific research methods to include the participation of Aboriginal women.

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Published: 2002
Action plan for women's health in Manitoba and Saskatchewan
Provides direction to government and community policy makers on women's health in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Rising to the challenge: sex- and gender-based analysis for health planning policy and research in Canada

Describes the process of sex- and gender-based analysis and offers a collection of case studies and commentaries that illustrate SGBA in action. The book is of interest to people working on policy, planning and research and to people at various levels of government. It will help readers understand sex- and gender-based analysis and learn how to apply it in their work for and with women and men, girls and boys.

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Published: 2009
Fertile ground, health harvest: a decade of prairie women's health centre of excellence

This report is a 10 year retrospective of the work of the Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence.  Fertile Ground, Healthy Harvest builds on the 5 year retrospective, Seeds of Change, celebrating successes and accomplishments and outlining plans for the years ahead.

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Published: November 2007
A gathering for First Nations and Métis women's health in Northern Manitoba

This report summarizes a Gathering of First Nations and Métis women which took place on November 29, 2005 in Thompson Manitoba. The women came from ten northern communities throughout Manitoba. This group was brought together with the goal of identifying key health issues and potential research questions and methodologies to facilitate a growth in knowledge, where there is too often a dearth – Northern Manitoba.

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Published: November 2005
A profile of women's health in Manitoba

The Profile presents and blends current health administrative and surveillance data and up-to-date research literature, with the additional investment of local knowledge about the lives of women in this province. The goal of the publication is to demonstrate how gender-based analysis can make health services in Manitoba more relevant and appropriate to improve women’s health, redress inequities and achieve consistent high quality of care in the health system.

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Published: November 2008
Community based research and Aboriginal women's health and healing: a Winnipeg workshop with Kim Anderson

This essay describes the proceedings of a workshop with researcher, Kim Anderson, hosted by Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence, Aboriginal Self-Governance Program & Institute of Urban Studies on Thursday March 17, 2005 at the Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre in Winnipeg.

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Published: 2005