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The silent voices of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Canada: African and Caribbean women in Toronto
Argues for the need to engage African and Caribbean women and their communities in HIV/AIDS prevention, support and care activities. (See Details)
Published: 2005
We are not immune: women and aids

This article explains AIDS, testing, transmission and treatment. Lists information on safer sex, safer drug use and how to develop consent practices.

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Published: 1988
Women and AIDS

This article maintains that the needs and experiences of women with HIV/AIDS is unique. Suggests different treatment and education strategies for a women-centered approach to HIV/AIDS. Shares resources available. 

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Published: 1992
Myra laramee, medicine woman

This article introduces prairie healer Myra Laramee.  Demonstrates the way to wellness in defiance of the culture of despair surrounding AIDS. 

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Published: 1993