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Sifting the evidence: gender and tobacco control

This review provides a global overview of the historical and contemporary uses and impacts of medico-legal evidence in cases of sexual assault of adolescents and adults. It examines the existing peer-reviewed scholarly and grey literature from high-, low- and middle-income regions, presents findings from studies that have evaluated the legal impact of medico-legal evidence in sexual assault cases and discusses factors that may create barriers to the successful use of evidence in criminal justice proceedings. The review concludes with a summary, identifies salient knowledge gaps and unpublished materials

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Published: January 2007
Women's Respiratory Health: An evidence review

In response to the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) women’s life expectancy study which revealed that respiratory systems diseases are the 3rd leading cause of death for women ages 65-74 in British Columbia, this is a review of 137 articles and other relevant documents discussing sex and gender issues for women’s respiratory disease and health, including grey literature reports.

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Published: October 2008
Pasando pagina: Mujeres, tabaco y el futuro

Provides a picture of women’s tobacco use in different social contexts, identifes the health effects of tobacco, and describes women’s role in tobacco production and marketing.

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Published: 2006