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NGO contributions to sexual & reproductive health & rights in Latin America: recommendations from civil society for improved fol
Presents the observations and general conclusions of the regional NGO including those of the working groups particularly in the areas of promoting sexual and reproductive rights, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, promoting shared responsibilities and male participation, incorporating a gender perspective in sexual and reproductive health services.
Published: 1998
Fast times at hard knocks high: a comic book that looks at HIV/AIDS
Provides a graphic novel that look at AIDS in the context of friendship, romance, and communication between youth.
Published: 1997
Sex is not a natural act & other essays
Examines the social construction of sexuality and female sexual dysfunction.
Published: 2004
Power surge: sex, violence & pornography
Surveys the movement against pornography and sexual violence, its strategies and challenges for the nineties. Confronts the complexity of these issues. Argues that the only route to female empowerment is to confront women's experience.
Published: 1995
Sexuality & disability webliography
Provides a listing of web resources that meet the sex education needs of individuals with disabilities, their carers, and professionals with an interest in the topic. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Big Break Comic #1
Presents three stories dealing with different aspects of teen sexuality. "The Big Break" - deals with effective communication and responsibility in relationships, as a teenage girl negotiates permission from her mother to spend a weekend with her boyfriend. "Near Miss" - an older brother reassures his brother that his questions about sex are okay and that postponing sex is alright. Associated topics include male role models, peer pressure, myths about sex, pregnancy, STDs and AIDS. "Let's Go Outside" - deals with a sexual assault situation and discusses sexual assault, communication and self-awareness. Lists clinics, telephone information lines, and other resources available for teenagers.
Published: 1992
The human right to family planning and sexual and reproductive health
Charts the evolution of rights in the area of sexual and reproductive health. It quotes international endorsements of the right to family planning, and reproductive and sexual health information and services over the last 25 years.
Published: 1996
Scarleteen: sex education for the real world
American site that provides information for teens on all aspect of positive sexuality, including birth control, safe sex and sexually transmitted infections, masturbation and self-pleasuring, anatomy, diverse sexual orientation and identification, sexual and romantic relationship and communication tools, and care and compassion in sexual technique and practice. (See Details)
The little black book: a book on healthy sexuality written by grrrls for grrrls
Written by teenage girls in Toronto for other teenage girls. Covers such topics as relationships, periods, sex, birth control, pregnancy, abortion, STI's, AIDS, and sexual assault. Concludes with a Toronto area resource guide for youth. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Positively sexual women: a resource for women living with HIV and AIDS
Intented for women living with HIV and AIDS. Attempts to help reduce feelings of isolation and fear, and to provide practical guidance for educated decision-making. Explores the impact of HIV on sexuality as told by eleven HIV-positive women from different social and cultural backgrounds. Contains practical information adapted from other sources covering three major categories: sexuality, gynecology, and pregnancy.
Published: 1997