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What makes us healthy, what makes us sick?

Highlights recent work from the Centres of Excellence for Women's Health on the links between women's health and their social and economic circumstances.

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Published: 2001
Living in balance: gender, structural inequalities, and health promoting behaviors in Manitoba First Nation communities

Describes health promoting behaviours such as engaging in more physical activity, positive dietary changes, quitting smoking, and stopping drinking for a time, in First Nations peoples.

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Published: 2000
Social investment in New Brunswick

Shows case studies of social investment. Discusses challenges, strengths and values of each case.

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Published: 2000
Race, ethnicity and women's health
Examines and reports on various research projects on immigration, refugee, and African Nova Scotian women in Atlantic Canada, sponsored by ACEWH, that have initiated a critical body of policy-based research on health needs by ethnic origin. Explores the major barriers between ethnic sub-populations and good health care, including language and communication barriers, cultural barriers, and the lack of medical research and knowledge on minority women's health needs and concerns.
Published: 2002
Rethinking health disparities: social and economic inclusion and lone mothers
Presents a poster that describes a research project looking at ways policy and research can help address health inequities experienced by single mothers. (See Details)
Published: 2005
The impact of overweight and obesity on maternal and newborn health: a critical review of the literature

A literature review that examines the health implications of obesity and overweight in pregnancy, starting with the physical health of women and children and moving on to a consideration of some of the social determinants of health. The review closes with a synthesis of findings and recommendations for further research.

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Published: July 2010