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Is your doula practice mother-friendly?

Provides a questionnaire for doulas to help them determine if their services allow women to empower themselves to make informed decisions about their childbirth care.

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Published: 2001
Are your birth classes mother-friendly?

Provides a questionnaire to help childbirth educators determine if their classes empower women and their partners to make informed decision about childbirth care.

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Published: 2001
The childbirth journey: having your baby in Canada
Provides information on pregnancy in Canada for health care providers who accompany immigrant and refugee women on the childbirth journey.
Published: 1997
Sex and childbirth
Discusses sex during pregnancy and after childbirth. Details some of the physical changes occurring at these times that impact on sexuality, and suggests appropriate methods of birth control for use after childbirth. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Birthing options

This article discusses the continued struggle of the medicalization of birth for families, questions promising alternative birthing options and whether they have the capacity to bring about concrete change and questions the accessibility of these new birthing options; suggests systemic shifts are still needed.

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Published: 1979
Being pregnant

This article is one of 15 interviews which make up Being Pregnant: Conversations with Women, a new book by Daphne Morrison. This article is a conversation with Sharon, a mother who lives with rheumatoid arthritis, about her pregnancy, birth and beyond. 


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Published: 1987

This article showcases a sample of the artwork featured in a Toronto exhibit entitled "BirthTales." Explores a new way of exposing medical students to information on the emotional effects of giving birth, as well as provide the public with a place to celebrate, marvel, or seek comfort in the wonder of birthing. 


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Published: 1992
A tradition of pain

This article examines the tradition of female genital mutilation. Discusses the health effects for women who have experienced FGM.

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Published: 1993