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The health gap: beyond pregnancy and reproduction
Identifies and addresses women and AIDS, tropical disease, working environments and bariers to quality health care. Examines new and emerging trends in women's health and sets priorities for future action. (See Details)
Published: 1996
Obstacles to equality: the double discrimination of women with disabilities: overview article
Examines the lives of women with disabilities and explores the effects of the double discrimination of gender and disability they face. Demonstrates how women with disabilities have been neglected by both the disability field and the feminist movement. (See Details)
Published: 1990
Naming our experience : mary o'brien and the politics of reproduction

This article consists of excerpts from an address delivered in Toronto on March 13, 1983 entitled "The Politics of Reproduction." Weaves together a number of themes and concerns in an effort to identify how women's experience has been appropriated and redefined by men, and what women must do to reclaim our experience. 


 (See Details)
Published: 1983