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Healthcare in crisis

This article discusses how the North American Free Trade Agreement will affect Canadian healthcare and social programs. Explains NAFTA. Explores how to reform health care in Canada.  


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Published: 1993
Health care in Canada 2010

Report found that the country could save up to $180 million a year if doctors consistently offered the most appropriate and most cost-effective procedures to their patients. Showed that there are vast discrepancies in the number of caesarian sections and hysterectomies performed in Canada, suggesting some of those procedures are not needed. Also found too many procedures are still being done despite evidence that indicates they don’t help patients, such as surgery for knee pain.  Highlights areas where efficiencies can be made in how medical treatments are delivered

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Published: 2010
Achieving health for all: the epp report

This article examines The Epp Report. Discuses the proposed movement from the individual model. Illustrates the value of the report in terms of health promotion and health strategies.

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Published: 1987
A futuristic nightmare

In this article Judy Darcy shares her vision of what life could be like under free trade. Illustrates the impact on social services and public programs. 


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Published: 1988