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Providing reliable health information to women: the electronic environment
Explores the ways in which the Internet, with its access to credible and relevant information, can assist in empowering women to make decisions for their health. Describes the Canadian Women's Health Network's programs and services to show how we try to address the complexities of health information for women on the WWW. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Improving the health of Canadians: an introduction to health in urban places
Explores the patterns of health between and within Canadian cities as well as how the social and physical aspects of urban neighbourhoods and housing may be linked to people's overall health. It reviews the latest research, presents new analyses and explores relevant policies and programs. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Getting rid of the crab
Published: 1981
Testing positive

This article discusses the implications of HIV for women and how women's experiences with HIV are different from those of men. Explores the resources and support options available for women living with HIV.  


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Published: 1990
Tapping medical knowledge

This article questions how we access health information. How to demystify medical terminology and health information from doctors. Demonstrates how public libraries, academic and medical libraries and small resource centres can help. Gives tips on how to find your way around a library. 

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Published: 1981

This article explores some experiences of immigrant women accessing health care services in Canada. Suggests ways to begin to break down some of the barriers to access and equality that exist in our health care system between the health care worker  and the consumer of those services. 


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Published: 1991
Why we need a canadian women's health network

This article highlights reasons why a Canadian Women's Health Network is necessary. Outlines the importance of maintaining a united pro choice feminist voice on women on health issues. 

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Published: 1982
Health carelessness and the plight of immigrant women

This article shares stories of immigrant women living in Manitoba. Examines what can happen to newcomers who need medical care, yet are still struggling to understand the health-care system, its culture and society. Illustrates the challenges immigrant women face in having their needs met. 


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Published: 1993
Turner's syndrome: not a game of x's and o’s

This article discusses Turner's Syndrome, aka Gonadal Dygenesis. Highlights common features, challenges for women with this syndrome and therapies that are utilized.  

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Published: 1984
Healthcare and lesbians

This article explores health care issues of special concern to lesbians. Homophobia and challenges to accessing safe health care. Gynecological and breast health concerns. 

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Published: 1985