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A fresh look at an old test: I'm over 50 so do I still need a Pap? (Farsi)
Presents information, in Farsi, about the Pap test for women over 50 years of age. Describes what a Pap test is, who should get one, when it is the best time to get one, and why it is important. (See Details)
What is a Pap test? (Farsi)
Describes, in Farsi, what a Pap test is, who should get one, when it is the best time to get one, and why it is important. Includes program information specific to Ontario. (See Details)
My Pap test is not normal, what does this mean? (Farsi/Persian)
Provides very simple and basic information, in Farsi/Persian, on what abnormal Pap test results can mean. Includes contact information for Ontario screening programs. (See Details)
Human papillomavirus (HPV) and cancer of the cervix (Farsi)
Describes, in Farsi, HPV and its link to cervical cancer. Includes information on treatment options and ways to reduce risk. (See Details)
Depression and manic depression (Farsi)
Lists, in Farsi, the symptoms, causes, duration, recurrence and treatment of depressive illness and manic depression. (See Details)
Published: 1993
Sexual assault: what it means (Farsi)
Explains, in Farsi, what sexual assault is, why they occur, who the victims are, and what to do if you are a victim. (See Details)
Darbare ye Zan Azari: Khoshoonat bar aleyehe zanan dar rabete ye jensi
Explains, in Farsi, women's legal rights in British Columbia in terms of her safety from violence, reflecting the most recent changes to the laws that affect women in abusive relationships. (See Details)
Published: 1999
Finding breast cancer early could save your life (Farsi/Persian)
Describes the Manitoba Breast Screening Program, what a woman can expect when she has a mammogram, how long she has to wait to get her results, and how to book an appointment, in Farsi/Persian. (See Details)
Wife abuse [Persian (Farsi)]
Provides information on wife abuse, and how to get help, in Persian (Farsi).
Published: 1996
About mental health and mental health problems (Farsi/Persian)
Looks at mental health, and what can contribute to mental health problems, in Farsi (Persian). Describes the types of mental health problems and where to get help in the Toronto region. (See Details)
Published: 2003