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Normal bone mass, aging bodies, marketing of fear: bone mineral density screening of well women

Capitalizing on women's fear of aging, the private health care sector has created a demand for bone mineral density testing (BMD). Although research does not support the use of BMD (a bone scan that measures bone mass) to prevent future bone deterioration, limited health care funds will be diverted from more effective approaches to this one, according to a recent paper by Dr. Arminée Kazanjian.

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Published: 1998
Revitalizing medicare: shared problems, public solutions

Examines the crisis in the health care system, and the decline and imminent collapse of Medicare in Canada. Concludes that beneath the rhetoric, substancial progress has been made toward more effective and efficient care.

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Published: 2001
Bone mineral density testing: does the evidence support its selective use in well women?

Exposes the other side of the debate about bone mineral density testing and reviews evidence-based literature to uncover some facts about BMD testing and osteoporosis that have not received public attention. Suggests that testing may actually misdirect treatment efforts "away from the majority of women who will ultimately suffer fractures," by focussing attention on the minority with low bone mineral density.

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Published: 1997