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Family violence in Canada: a statistical profile 2006

Provides current data on the nature and extent of family violence in Canada. Focuses on the criminal history of persons charged with spousal violence over a 10-year timeframe (1995 to 2004).

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Published: 2006
Aboriginal shelters in Canada

Provides a listing of Aboriginal shelters for each province and territory.

Published: 2004
Aboriginal domestic violence in Canada

Examines family violence and abuse in Aboriginal communities. Presents a framework for intervention that addresses root causes and identifies a set of strategies for reducing the levels of domestic violence and abuse.

Published: 2003
Mean streets? The social locations, gender dynamics, and patterns of violent crime in Winnipeg

Reveals that male violence against women they know is a social problem deserving of serious public attention and response. Suggests a need to re-examine the strategies being used, including the zero-tolerance policy implemented in 1993. PDF required to read.

Published: 2000
Women's rights for a safer tomorrow

Provides a handbook for women who are being abused by their partner. Includes information about the law and services available in Alberta.

Published: 2002
A handbook for health and social service providers and educators on children exposed to woman abuse/family violence

Discusses many issues that surround the issue of children exposed to family violence. Presents practical tools for assessing and delivering services to women and their children exposed to violence in the home.

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Published: 1999
Annotated inventory of research reports: completed through the five research centres on family violence and violence against women

Provides an annotated inventory of the 87 research reports produced through the five Research Centres on Family Violence and Violence Against Women and Children.

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Published: 1999
Democratizing excellence: the experience of the research centres on family violence and violence against women

Outlines the development of the Research Centres up to 1997, highlights their achievements, and reviews the lessons learned.

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Published: 1999
Yukon family violence resource directory 2003

Lists services, programs and resources in the Yukon in the area of family violence.

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Published: 2003
Woman abuse and Ontario Works in a rural community: rural women speak about their experiences with Ontario Works: final report
Collects recollections provided by abused women on their experiences with Ontario Works, a work-fare program. Presents their priorities and recommendations for improvement. (See Details)
Published: 2003