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Participatory action research: a guide to becoming a researcher for social change  

Provides an accessible tool for community organizations to plan, conduct, and communicatio their own participatory action research. Written from a feminist perspective, but is aimed at all social justice organizations. Offers the basics about putting together a participatory action research project and how to implement the final recommendations.

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Published: 2002
Advocacy: building skills for NGO leaders

A three-day, six-session curriculum designed as a companion piece to "Cairo, Beijing and Beyond: A Handbook on Advocacy for Women Leaders", this manual uses participatory methodologies and is based on CEDPA's experience in building the skills of non-governmental organization (NGO) leaders to advocate for change in the reproductive health arena. While the background information and role play scenarios deal directly with reproductive health issues, a trainer can adapt the sessions for other contexts.

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Published: 1999
Virtual organizing, real change: women's groups using the Internet
Presents a compilation of stories from women's groups who are using the Internet in their work for women's equality.
Published: 1997
Resource kit for women with disabilities
Provides information regarding the status of disabled women and men with an international perspective. Describes a list of social concerns along with a list of strategies for change. Concludes with a list of organizations to contact for more information. (See Details)
The busy woman's guide to the Internet: activism and research on-line
Provides resources and inspiration for women to use the Internet to promote women's equality in human rights. Includes tips on how to get started on the Internet, getting acquainted with the World Wide Web (WWW), and how to be part of the Internet community.
Published: 1999
Reclaiming the future: women's strategies for the 21st century
Presents a compilation of Canadian feminists' views of the future of the women's movement and women's future in general.
Published: 1999
Lies, damn lies and public protection: corporate responsibility and breast cancer activism
Discusses breast cancer risk and responsibility discourses between health professionals, epidemiologists, statutory bodies, and activists. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Take action for equality, development and peace: a Canadian follow-up guide to Beijing '95
Evaluates the advancement of women since the Third U.N. Conference on Women (1985) to develop a "Platform for Action" which would identify actions towards the advancement of women, and to celebrate all women.
Published: 1996
"Together to an End": the first Canada-US breast cancer advocacy conference
Presents the proceedings and outcomes of the Canada-US Breast Cancer Advocacy Conference, held in Orillia, ON in November 1996.
Published: 1997
How to influence public policy
Provides six practical tips to influence the development of public policy in its development stage. (See Details)
Published: 1998