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Don't ask your gynecologist if you need a hysterectomy...

This article explores the history of gynecology and how the hysterectomy came to be the most common surgery performed on women in Canada today. Identifies why this approach is problematic for women's health. 


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Published: 1990
Network/Le Réseau Spring-Fall 2003
Published: 2003
Women, gender and mental health : Moving out of the shadows

Discusses the Canadian Women's Health Network's national workshop on women, gender and mental health held in Ottawa in October 2007. The workshop brought together researchers, communitty-based services providers and educators, non-governmental organizations and policy makers interested and active in gender-based and women's mental health issues to explore the mandate of the newly formed Mental Health Commission of Canada, and to establish strategies for ensuring women are not left out of the picture.

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Published: Fall/Winter 2007
Battling interstitial cystitis

This article discusses interstitial cystitis, a bladder disease that is becoming more frequent in women, is under-diagnosed and not often talked about. Explains symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and what it is like to live with the disease. 




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Published: 1992
Network/Le Réseau Winter 2001
Published: 2001
Women and Private Health Insurance : A Review of the Issues

Discusses what would be the impact of private health insurance on women and their families.

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Published: Fall/Winter 2007
A tradition of pain

This article examines the tradition of female genital mutilation. Discusses the health effects for women who have experienced FGM.

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Published: 1993
Network/Le Réseau Summer 2000
Published: 2000
The comprehensive feminist approach to health

Adapted from the document "Changeons de Lunettes: Pour une approche globale et féministe de la santé".  The article examines a comprehensive feminist approach to health and how it is distinguished from the dominant medical approach. The full document "Changeons de Lunettes" (French only) is availabe to order at the website of the Réseau québécois d'action pour la santé des femmes (RQASF) at

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Published: Fall/Winter 2009/2010
In our own words - woman abuse: a national crisis, a national responsibility

This article profiles groups and organizations throughout Ontario who are working to eliminate woman abuse, reduce workplace and environmental health hazards and improve the health of women. 


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Published: 1993