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Health status and health needs of older immigrant women: individual, community, and societal and policy links

Examines the impact of social policy on the health status of older immigrant women and the health and social service seeking patterns of older immigrant women.

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Published: 2007
In our own words

This article profiles several feminist organizations and programs. Highlights organizations working to support the elderly, immigrant women, women and mental health,  gay and lesbian communities, francophone women, women working as prostitutes, women with addictions, etc. 

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Published: 1993
Portraits of women in health

This article demonstrates in portraits how some immigrant women, women of colour and native women are working to eradicate the bias they face while accessing the health care system.  Examines how some immigrant women, women of colour and native women enrich the existing system by incorporating the wisdom of other cultures. 

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Published: 1986
Midwifery in transition

This article discusses the regulation of midwifery and white privilege. Explores how white midwifery can work to create an  inclusive practice in order to provide appropriate care for a diversity of women. 


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Published: 1993
We are not immune: women and aids

This article explains AIDS, testing, transmission and treatment. Lists information on safer sex, safer drug use and how to develop consent practices.

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Published: 1988
The colours of menopause

This article addresses the difference in the needs and expectations of non white women going through menopause. Shares stories of women from different cultures about menopause. 




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Published: 1990