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Gender perspectives on health and medicine: key themes
Offers a critique of exclusively biomedical approaches to personal and public health. Also looks at the medicalization of personal and social problems, the commodification of health care, and questions of agency, responsibility and control.
Published: 2003
Connecting gender and ageing: a sociological approach
Challenges the assumption that gender can be treated as static ober the life course, highlighting the differential social effects of ageing on women's and men's roles, relationships and identity.
Published: 1995
The gender and disaster sourcebook
Provides international resources on the gender dimensions of disaster risk management, designed for policy makers, practitioners and researchers. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Gender and health: curriculum outlines
Discrimination is rooted deeply in the cultural fabric of society and shapes the construction of the beliefs and attitudes that determine each society's gender divisions. The different ways in which women and men experience the world and the impact they have on each other are fundamental to health and healt-care. It is necessary that health workers should be equipped with the training to carry out a gender-based analysis of health issues and to identify and eliminate the stereotypical attitudes, behaviour and approaches that lead to discrimination. As a contribution to the important goal of achieving equality for women in the field of health, the Commonwealth Secretariat has initiated a programme for the training of health workers in the gender-based analysis, planning and implementation of health interventions. These curriculum outlines define a comprehensive and fully gendered approach to major health areas. They are designed to be adopted as the basis for training health workers, both through distance education and using face-to-face methodologies.
Published: 1999
Gender and its relationship to other determinants of health
Explores the relationship between gender and other determinants of health, particularly income. Prepared for the Gender & Health: From Research to Policy: The Fifth National Health Promotion Research Conference, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, July 4-5, 1997.
Published: 1997
Gendering prevention practices: a practical guide to working with gender in sexual safety and HIV/AIDS awareness education
Presents practical resources for those looking to take a gendered approach in HIV awareness raising activities with young people. Link requires Microsoft Word. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Gender, environment and health: incorporating a gender approach in environmental health work
Presents an introduction to a gender perspective in environmental health. Explores how men and women interact with their respective biophysical environments, and how their gendered spheres of activity protect their health or place it at risk. Also aims to further our knowledge as to how biological differences between the sexes can produce different health outcomes among men and women when exposed to the same environmental hazard.
Gender for journalists
Provides journalists with an understanding of gender issues, and of the roles and responsibilities of women and men in society, so that their reporting will be accurate and gender sensitive. (See Details)
Published: 2006?
The politics of reproduction
The Politics of Reproduction is a critique of traditional political thought. It focuses centrally upon the nature and difference of male and female experience of biological reproduction, and upon the impact of male reproductive experience on the theory and practice of politics. The author presents a controversial revision of dialectical materialism, arguing that Marx, could not provide the theoretical grounds for true social reformation. Only feminism, she argues, is currently a major progressive force in western history; the impact of reproductive technology on female consciousness is a world historical event which must be given theoretical and political expression. The new model of historical process offered here, in preliminary form, gives due weight to the struggle of the sexes which has its historical reality in the separation of public and private life. The model is founded on an analysis of male-stream thought from the Athenian polis to our own day, and it makes posible a radical interpretation of contemporary women's experience that never lapses into either ahistoricism or simple rage.
Published: 1981p
Gender-related electronic forums
Provides an annotated, frequently updated listing of publicly accessible electronic forums and listservs related to women or to gender issues. (See Details)