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Watching the watchers: gender justice and co-regulation in the new media marketplace
Maps the devolution of responsibility for media standards during the 1990s, and assess its implications on policy and social governance. Examines how policy can be used to integrate public and community values into the media, to determine how organizations like MediaWatch can address gender and other human rights issues in this post-modern media arena of globalization, conglomeration and self-regulation, and to configure a new regulatory model of co-regulation that is open, transparent and accessible to the public. Calls for current regulation to transform into models of co-regulation with industry, government, and the public and civil society organizations all playing a role.
Published: 2001
Public lectures: what's gender and sex got to do with health?
Showcases some of the research contributions by Alberta-based scientists for the Institute of Gender and Health.
Published: 2003
Women, vulnerability and HIV/AIDS: a human rights perspective
Provides a national gender perspective regarding women and HIV/AIDS, as well as sexual and reproductive health, sexuality, the sex trade, gender and AIDS, prevention strategies, and a variety of women's experiences discussing thier forms of action and intervention.
Published: 1998
Annotated bibliography: gender, HIV/AIDS and development
Compiles key online resources that describe the current understanding of, and responses to, the effects of gender on HIV/AIDS at the international level. (See Details)
Published: 2005
When women count: resource manual on unpaid work
Analyses women's unpaid work and how unpaid work fits into the context of our lives.
Published: 1999
Gender inclusive health planning project: interim report
Provides an analysis of data collected, through key informant interviews, participant observation, and a documentary review.
Published: 1999
Women and tobacco: background discussion paper and literature review: part II of a workng document for the second national works
Focuses on recent review articles, key documents provided by Health Canada and example research studies and program evaluations to highlight the issues discussed.
Published: 1995
Gender and health: from research to policy. The fifth national health research policy conference proceedings
Provides a compilation of resources including organizations, papers and research on health research policy.
Published: 1997
Increasing gender inputs into Canadian international trade policy positions at the WTO
Indicates that gender issues in the trade negotiation process have been minimal to date at both the WTO and within Canada’s trade policy development process. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Feminist organizing for change: the contemporary women's movement in Canada
Documents and analyses the struggle of the contemporary Canadian women's movement to make change. Provides a detailed history of the 'second wave' (post 1960); it makes a primary distinction between grass-roots and institutionalized feminism, and by emphasizing the former, the authors reveal a part of feminist organizing that has most often been invisible. This historical and theoretical grounding provides the basis of the authors focus on the practices, ideology, organizations, and strategies of the movement itself. The book includes an extensive bibliography and a selection of previously unpublished documents on the Canadian women's movement.
Published: 1988