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Exploring gender perspectives in population and health programs: workshop findings and recommendations
Presents recommendations on integrating gender considerations into population, health and nutrition project design. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Gender, health, and sustainable development: perspectives from Asia and the Caribbean: proceedings of workshops held in Singapor
Transcribes the proceedings of workshops held in Singapore, January 23-26, 1995 and in Bridgetown, Barbados, December 6-9, 1994. Focuses on gender issues and health programmes and systems, nutrition, environmental and occupational health, chronic deseases, reproductive health, women's participation and sustainable development. Also contains working group discussions and appendices.
Published: 1995
Proceedings from the second annual conference on sex and gene expression
Presents the proceedings from the Society's conference on sex and gene expression. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Putting migration and ethnicity on the women's health map
Argues that it is essential to integrate ethnicity and migration into how we understand and study women's health challenges. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Gender, diversity and HIV/AIDS

Presented at the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Ontario, this document looks at such themes as workplace HIV/AIDS, gender-based violence, youth and prevention, breastfeeding, and gender-based analysis and HIV resources.

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Published: 2006
Girls take action on mental health: gender and the mental health of young Canadians

In June 2009, Girls Action Foundation published The Need for a Gender-Sensitive Approach to the Mental Health of Young Canadians.  This excerpt provides a summary of the report, including recommendations.

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Published: 2009
Rural and remote women and the Kirby-Keon Report on mental health: a preliminary gender-place analysis

Analyzes the Highlights and Recommendations of Out of the Shadows at Last (the Kirby-Keon Report) with a gender-place lens focused on women living in rural and remote areas in Saskatchewan.

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Published: March 2007
Women's Respiratory Health: An evidence review

In response to the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) women’s life expectancy study which revealed that respiratory systems diseases are the 3rd leading cause of death for women ages 65-74 in British Columbia, this is a review of 137 articles and other relevant documents discussing sex and gender issues for women’s respiratory disease and health, including grey literature reports.

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Published: October 2008
Sex, Gender and Influenza

The World Health Organization (WHO) has addressed infectious diseases around the globe, with consideration of the impact of sex and gender on chronic infectious diseases, including HIV and tuberculosis.  Sex and gender have an impact on people’s vulnerability to influenza, as well as the course and outcome of infection and vaccination. The impact of sex and gender on the outcome of infection is influenced by a number of global, social and biological factors.

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Published: July 2010
Disinfection & Downstream Effects: Gender and the Implications of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in our Water

Trace levels of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) are presently found in Canadian surface water and groundwater, and drinking water. Indeed, these compounds are starting to be acknowledged as pollutants that are persistent in our environment. Their ‘persistence’ is thought to derive not only from chemical properties that resist their breakdown in the environment, but from their continuous, and growing, release.

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Published: January 2011