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Mediums to reach injection drug using populations: a discussion paper
Presents a synthesis of information on mediums to reach the injection drug using (IDU) population compiled from the published literature, as well as from discussions with national/international organizations working with this population. Indicates that the focus of most research in this area has been on assessing the effectiveness of prevention and harm reduction initiatives in changing risky behaviours, particularly in relation to HIV and not the more easily blood-to-blood transmissible hepatitis C virus (HCV). Identifies the challenge of reaching a target population, the exact number and location on the social margins of which is difficult to establish reliably. Explains briefly the various strategies employed -- professional outreach, peer outreach (demonstratedly effective) and mass media communication -- and their success in reaching segments of the IDU population. Examines these 'ways and means' of reaching those most at risk of contracting the hepatitis C virus, the people who inject or who are at risk of injecting drugs. Emphasises the mediums to access these populations and not the effectiveness of strategies in changing risky behaviour. Also available in French under the title: Moyens de joindre les utilisateurs de drogues injectables : document de travail. (See Details)
Published: 2000
Listen to the whispers: an education program about ovarian cancer
Aims to raise awareness among Canadian women of the subtle signs, symptoms, risks and preventive factors of ovarian cancer ("the disease that whispers"). (See Details)
Published: 2000
Where women have no doctor: a health guide for women
Provides a resource written for women living in areas where they lack access to health care and clear information about their health. Covers an enormous range of women's health issues in simple language with many illustrations.
Published: 1997
Hepatitis C in Canada: analysis of community- and national-level initiatives: environmental scan - October 1999 to February 2000
Determines the activities and initiatives being undertaken prior to the 1999/2000 inception of the Hepatitis C Prevention, Support and Research Program (HCPSRP), so that it can be used as a benchmark in the overall evaluation of the HCPSRP. Contains the results for data collection at two levels: (1) Community-level projects/initiatives, and (2) National-level organizations. Published in French under the title: L'hépatite C au Canada : analyse des initiatives communautaires et nationales : analyse de la conjoncture - octobre 1999 à février 2000 : résumé.
Published: 2000
Integrating gender into HIV/AIDS programmes: a review paper
Examines the ways in which gender influences women’s and men’s vulnerability in the HIV/AIDS epidemic. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Education for a healthy future: training trainers for primary prevention: a participatory action research and evaluation (PARE)
Summarizes the NNEWH - PARE (Participatory Research and Evaluation) project that promotes awareness, education, and advocacy on suspected environmental links to breast cancer and other reproductive cancers.
Published: 2000
Beyond prescriptions - meeting your health needs: a plain language workbook about health
Written for use in classrooms or support groups to help people to understand take charge of their own health and the health of their families and communities. Includes health information, activities, and glossaries about holistic health, determinants of health, and making a health plan.
Published: 1997
My body, my responsibility: a health education video for deaf women
Covers topics including puberty, menstruation and related hygiene, pregnancy and labour, pregnancy prevention, birth control methods, and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and how to be tested for HIV.
Published: 2003
Models of good practice relevant to women & health: education, training and capacity building
Profiles successful women's health projects from Commonwealth countries, which focus on education, training, and capacity building.
Published: 2001
BC HealthGuide: helping you and your family stay healthy: healthwise handbook
Includes simple guidelines on how to recognize and handle over 190 common health problems including back and neck pain, chest and repiratory problems, sexual health, mental health and women's health. Also includes chapters on making wise health decisions, developing an effective relationship with your doctor, staying healthy, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Information comes from medical literature that has been reviewed by health professionals. (See Details)
Published: 2000