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Talking about weight with Aboriginal women

Summarizes research done on weight preoccupation among Aboriginal girls and women. Shows that body image and weight perception is a problem in Aboriginal communities, particularly those living in or close to an urban centre.

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Published: 2002
Food, weight and body image

Adddresses body image and healthy weight, including discussions on standards of beauty, food and dieting, and eating disorders.

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Published: 2001
Promoting healthy body image: a guide for program planners

Presents a literature survey on body image, weight problems and preoccupations, and low birth weight, as well as health promotion project ideas and activities.

Published: 1995
The health benefits of physical activity for girls and women: literature review and recommendations for future research and poli

Reviews literature on programs and policies related to physical activity and health of women and girls.

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Published: 2000
What are you hungry for?
This brochure outlines a unique series of support groups for individuals struggling with issues around food, weight and body image.
Set point: what your body is trying to tell you
Presents the argument for a genetically determined set point for adult weight, or set point. (See Details)
Published: 1992
Help for friends & family
Offers practical suggestions to family members and friends on how to interact with a person experiencing an eating disorder. (See Details)
Coping with the holidays
Looks at how people with eating disorders and weight issues can make the holiday season less difficult. (See Details)
Published: 1992
Consuming passions: feminist approaches to weight preoccupation and eating disorders
Explores how women can empower themselves to eat without guilt, to accept their bodies, and to engage in changing the actual conditions of their lives.
Published: 1993
Suddenly semestered: food & weight concerns on campus
Examines the university environment as a ripe ground for eating disorders to develop or to become exacerbated. (See Details)
Published: 2003