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Network: preserving fertility
Explores how infertility affects men, the ways in which men can protect themselves and their partners from STIs, and how reproductive health programs and clinics can help men understand and prevent infertility. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Choosing assisted reproduction: social, emotional and ethcial considerations
ART's offer an array of treatment options and alternative paths to parenthood. Along with hope, they also bring emotional, physical and financial challenges, and in some cases (donor sperm/egg/embryo, surrogacy) ethical dilemmas. Written by highly respected infertility counsellors, this is a thorough but sensitive guide to the complex decisions of whether, where, and how long to pursue treatment, as well as guidance about when, how and why to talk with children about their origins.
Published: 1998
Infertility in the 90s: psycho-social aspect
Presents the speeches and presentations on the psycho-social aspects of infertility from the SOGC 47th Annual Meeting. Pat Johnson's speech addresses the various senses of loss felt by women, and couples, when dealing with infertility and the lack of emotional support in medical practice. The second presentation, 'Infertility: A Matter of Perception?' describes the comments heard in the public hearing held by the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technology. It discusses the public perceptions of infertility and new reproductive technologies in contrast to the experiences of individuals and couples who have dealt with infertility and undergone treatment. The public hearings raised the issue of whether infertility, its definition, its treatment and its social acceptance and understanding is simply a matter of perception. The conclusion focuses on shared common perceptions and solutions. A third presentation, 'Psychosocial Factors and Infertility' discusses an on-going research project on life quality, psychosocial factors, and infertility. It presents new findings from this project that examine some of the differences and similarities in psychosocial factors between couples that have a fertility problem and those that do not.
Published: 1991
Listen to your body: a gynecologist answers women's most intimate questions
Using a question and answer format, this book provides a great deal of information on common gynaecological health and conditions.
Published: 2000
What to expect when you're experiencing infertility: how to cope with the emotional crisis and survive it
Provides information to lead the reader dealing with infertility from the crisis phase to acceptance to resolution to the epilogue.
Published: 1998
Turner's syndrome: not a game of x's and o’s

This article discusses Turner's Syndrome, aka Gonadal Dygenesis. Highlights common features, challenges for women with this syndrome and therapies that are utilized.  

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Published: 1984
New age procreation

This article speaks to the encroaching medicalization and commercialization of the reproductive process. Explores the pro's and con's of new reproductive technologies for women. 


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Published: 1985
PID: the silent epidemic

This article seeks to unmask the extent and prevalence of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Lists indicators, symptoms and various causes and methods of prevention of PID. 

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Published: 1986
Visions for women's reproductive care

This article presents an interview with Diana Majury and Connie Clement to discuss why they do not support a strategy asking government to appoint a royal commission on reproductive technologies. 




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Published: 1988
Who’s In control? eggs, embryos, fetal tissue

In this article Bonnie Lafave discusses the implications of reproductive technology. Raises the frightening possibility of the abuse of women's bodies and the misuse of fetal tissue and embryos. Raises the question of consent. 


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Published: 1988