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Something in the air: toxins linked to endo

Examines research that suggests endometriosis may be caused by toxins in our environment.

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Published: 1998
An environmental framework for women's health

Provides an overview of the literature linking environmental perspectives and women's health, summarizes the discussions held with groups of women whose voices and perspectives are not necessarily found in the literature, and attempts to draw out the policy and action-oriented implications of the findings.

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Published: 2000
Air pollution, climate change and your health

Defines air pollution and climate change. Lists the negative effects air pollution and climate change have on health.

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Published: 2002
Effects of mining on women's health in Labrador West

Studies the effects of mining extraction on women’s health in Labrador West. Provides recommendations.

Published: 2004
Canadian handbook on health impact assessment. Volume 1: the basics

Examines the need and the procedure necessary to incorporate the assessment of human health effects in the environmental assessment (EA) process. Provides answers to some commonly asked questions concerning health in EA.

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Published: 1999
Health and environment - partners for life

Describes the current understanding of the relationship between human health and the Canadian environment, based on the findings from the Action Plan on Health and the Environment (APHE), other Health Canada programs and other sources of information. Focusses on those contaminants that are of particular concern to the health of Canadians, notes the progress made in reducing levels of environmental contaminants and describes the impact that the human-made or 'built' environment can have on our health. (See Details)

Published: 1997
More than just a dozen: women and global development

A series of radio programs, CD-ROMs and booklets featuring women from around the world (in over- and under-developed countries). Links require PDF reader.

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Contaminants found me: a science curriculum for all Yukoners. Book two: grade 7
Integrates the concepts of bioaccumulation, biomagnification, long range atmopheric transport, and human health into prescribed learning outcomes of mandated science integrated resource packages (IRPs). Presents concepts and examples in a context familiar to Yukon students and teachers. Includes activities within each unit and Follow-up activities in order to enhance understanding and the overall learning experience.
Air pollution and heart and lung disease
Highlights the negative impacts that air pollution has on people with heart and lung disease. Describes possible sources of air pollution and what individuals can do to protect themselves from it. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Contaminants found me: a science curriculum for all Yukoners. Book three: grades 8, 9, and 10
Teaches grades 8, 9 and 10 students about the subjects of "Organochlorines, A Yukon Story" and "Our Health, Our Environment". The definition of a contaminant is explored at the beginning of each book in this series, under the heading "What is a Contaminant?" Activities within each unit as well as Follow-up activities are provided and suggested in order to ensure and enhance the learning experience of these students. The activities provide background information, purpose, vocabulary, lists of materials, suggested duration of each topic and worksheets, maps and illustrations. These units are starting points from which a teacher, group of students, school, or community can springboard into the study of contaminants at greater depth.