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Feminism: our basis for unity

Contains information and tools informed by decades of women's experiences and understanding of feminism and the feminist movement. Intended as a discussion guide for women and organizations involved or interested in equality-seeking work.

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Published: 2003
Cyberfeminism: from theory to practice

Defines 'cyberfeminism' and discusses the role the Internet can play in the women's movement.

Published: 2006
Canadian women's internet directory

Offre un site Web qui relie les internautes avec les ressources en ligne pour l’égalité des femmes canadiennes. Répertore les sites qui sont éducatifs et qui partagent de l’information sur le travail des femmes pour l’égalité incluant : points de vue des femmes, débats, campagnes, militantisme, créativité, services, recherches et questions politiques. // Forms an interactive, searchable web site that links users with Canadian women's equality resources online. Lists sites which are educational, sharing information on women's equality work: including women's perspectives, debates, campaigns, activism, creativity, services, research and policy issues.

Challenges and opportunities for gender equality in Latin America and the Caribbean

Highlights some of the most important changes in the status of women in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in the last two decades.

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Published: 2003
Women and social change: feminist activism in Canada
Describes feminist politics and activism in Canada.
Published: 1991
Women's organizing and public policy in Canada and Sweden
Highlights the practices of unions and political parties in both Canada and Sweden and the effect that women's organizing has had on the framing and implementing of public policy.
Published: 1999
In for the long haul: women's organizations in Manitoba
Identifies the many diverse organizations that comprise the women's movement in Manitoba, and how these organizations and groups express their feminist ideas and how they undertake their political action strategies. (See Details)
Published: 2005
The role of women's organizations in health policy development, implementation and dissemination
Identifies the roles of women's groups in research and policy making and implementations in Canada.
Published: 1998
A tribute to grassroots organizing for women's health: cases from around the world
Documents the struggles of resistance being waged by activists who attended the 9th International Women's Health Meeting and who continue to work at the local and regional levels.
Published: 2005
Reclaiming the future: women's strategies for the 21st century
Presents a compilation of Canadian feminists' views of the future of the women's movement and women's future in general.
Published: 1999