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Annotated bibliography of Aboriginal women's health and healing research

Provides an interdisciplinary overview of Canadian research literature on issues respecting Aboriginal women, health and healing. Identifies gaps between existing research and community concerns.

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Published: 2005
Mothers in stepfather families

Reviews some of the challenges that mothers in stepfather families face. Offers suggestions for women who are adapting to this role.

Published: 1999
Mothers as earners, mothers as carers: responsibility for children, social policy and the tax system

Examines and recommends how taxation can be used as an instrument of social policy to further women's equality, reduce their economic vulnerability and support mothers as earners and carers.

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Published: 2001
How to help a new mom
Provides simple tips on how to help a new mother. (See Details)
Published: 1999
A motherhood issue: discourses on mothering under duress
Analyzes the policy discourse as it pertains to women in three situations of mothering under duress (women who use substances, mothers who are subjected to violence and women who experience mental illness). (See Details)
Published: 2002
Wives, mothers and wages: does timing matter?
Investigates whether the timing of family formation decisions has an impact on women's wages, and whether these decisions have a permanent or transitory impact on the earnings of mothers. (See Details)
Published: 2002
The clash of the Titans: motherhood meets menopause
Provides guidance to women experiencing motherhood in their early to late forties. Includes strategies to cope with childrearing and menopausal symptoms. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Mothers and sons
Consists of the newest and best scholarship on mothers and mothering as well as original poetry and book reviews.
Published: 2000
Redefining motherhood: changing identities and patterns
Challenges the familiar cultural image of the "good" mother through a feminist collection of essays. Showing how constricting and damaging that stereotype is, the contributors replace an unreal, narrow deal with the complexity and diversity of real mothers' lives. Drawing from their broad range of backgrounds and experiences, the writers show the many and varied ways in which women are transforming motherhood.
Published: 1998
Women with disabilities and mothering: sharing our stories, exploring our options: a symposium report
Discusses some of the issues women with disabilities face during motherhood.
Published: 1994