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Aging in poverty in canada

Examines the issues that impact on the economic vulnerability of seniors and offers recommendations.

Published: 2005
Aging: exploring the myths

Older people are often viewed as a homogeneous group from mainly industrialised countries, who no longer contribute to their families and societies, and may even be a burden. The truth could not be more different. The majority of older people prove these notions wrong every day, it is an example that has inspired the WHO to focus on ageing. This brochure outlines how the principles of Active Ageing help maintain health and creativity throughout the lifespan and especially into the later years. (See Details)

Published: 1999
Gender and ageing: a position paper

States that promoting older people's rights means understanding and responding to the changes ageing brings to the needs, capacities and roles of both men and women. Link requies PDF reader.

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Published: 2000
Successful strategies and programs for the empowerment of Canadian seniors in situation of risk

Focuses on the concept of empowerment of seniors as a way of improving the health, well-being and independence of seniors in general and those in situations of risk.

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Published: 1997
1999 and beyond: challenges of an aging Canadian society

Outlines the issues, challenges and opportunities facing public policy makers and all those interested in the issues raised by the aging population.

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Published: 1999
How are health reforms affecting seniors? A participatory evaluation guide

Provides an evaluation tool to assist seniors' groups, service providers and others in evaluating the impact of health reforms.

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Published: 1998
The NACA position on women's life-course events
Presents the six main categories of life-course events and experiences that have the greatest impact on women's senior years.
Published: 1993
Gender, health and ageing
Examines the gender differences in patterns and impact of major diseases of the elderly, as well as in access to health care services. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Before the change: taking charge of your perimenopause
Provides a detailed understanding of perimenopause and its symptoms, as well as a comprehensive guide to taking care of yourself during this transition period.
Published: 1998
Women in Europe: towards healthy ageing
Reports on four health problems that impact women in middle and later years: heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and depression. Suggests programs of action for dealing with each problem and outlines policy discussions and recommendations. (See Details)