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Substance use issues for women in the sex trade
Defines the sex trade industry and focuses on the connection with substance use. Discuses the severe discrimination and violence that can be associated with the sex trade. Provides a list of community resources. (See Details)
Published: 2000
Escort services in a border town: transmission dynamics of STDs within and between communities: methodological challenges conduc
Outlines some of the methodological issues and challenges of studying issues pertaining to the sex worker and the sex work industry. Finds that recognition needs to be paid to the needs of those being studied and their knowledge and expertise in the area. Suggests that esearchers interested in studying sex work should consider modifying their research models in order to involve sex workers more in the research process. (See Details)
Published: 2000
XXX guide: a sex trade worker's handbook
Deals with different aspects of sex work and offers suggestions and references for living and working with dignity in a healthy and safe environment.
Published: 2003
Escort services in a border town: transmission dynamics of STDs within and between communities: literature and policy statement
Examines the potential impact of the licensing of escort services on the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) between the United States and Canada. (See Details)
Published: 2000
Dear client: manual intended for clients of sex workers
Presents a guide for sex worker clients, including information on the types of services offered by sex workers, advice and practical tips on appropriate ehaviour, and information on STIs.
Published: 2004
Final report: erotic/exotic dancing: HIV-related risk factors
Examines whether and how the occupation of exotic dancing and the lives and careers of exotic dancers might make them vulnerable to HIV infection. (See Details)
Published: 1998
In our own words

This article profiles several feminist organizations and programs. Highlights organizations working to support the elderly, immigrant women, women and mental health,  gay and lesbian communities, francophone women, women working as prostitutes, women with addictions, etc. 

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Published: 1993
Towards healthy work environments for exotic dancers in Canada: a policy brief

This policy brief is based on research by the Exotic Dancers Health and Safety Work Group published in Exotic Dancing: Health and Safety.   They look exotic dancers in the province of Ontario most of whom work freelance. As free-lancers they can choose when, where and how often they work, but they have no access to the protections available to employees through much of the federal and provincial labour legislation or through unions. Acts and sections of acts which use the terminology employer-employee do not apply to free-lance workers.

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Daughters of the dispossessed: prostitution in the philippines

This article discuses prostitution in the Philippines and how AIDS became an epidemic. Explains the role that poverty and tourism play in the sex industry. Prostitution as big business. How women are organizing themselves for support and access to health information.

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Published: 1988