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Sighting gender-based analysis: phase II of invisible women
Analyzes the process of a project that tried to facilitate working in partnership with provincial partners to implement gender analysis in health authorities and health districts in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Including gender in health planning: a guide for regional health authorities
Presents some background and history of gender-based analysis. Provides checklists to assist health planners and decision-makers in considering women's and men's shared and differing needs. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Including low-income women with children: program and policy directions. Research report 2007.

The study findings are descriptions of women's experiences and concerns about the social and health service programs that directly influence their health and their economic and social well-being. Themes addressed in this study include access to health and social services, housing, childcare, food security, education, and the value of resource centre service providers and programs in the lives of low-income women in both rural and urban communities. This report highlights the central role of Family Resource Centres for low-income women and their families and the need to strengthen and support related programs.

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Published: 2007
Sighting gender based analysis: phase II of invisible women

The focus of this report is describing the process of Phase II of the "Invisible Women" project. Section I is a narrative and story of Phase II as it unfolded over several years. Section II is an analysis using frameworks of policy analysis. Using the frameworks illuminates why early conceptions of the Phase II project were such a challenge, particularly given the complexity of health policy and planning in decentralized policy networks.

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Published: October 2002