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What you should know about breast cancer risk

Explains the difference betwen risk reduction and prevention. Presents myths and facts about breast cancer risk factors.

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Published: Revised 2011
Reading Romanow : the implications of the final report of The Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada for women

Offers a chapter-by-chapter gendered analysis of the Final Report of the Royal Commission on the Future of Health Care, Building on Values: The Future of Health Care in Canada (Romanow 2002).

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Published: 2003
Striking to the heart of the matter: selected readings on gender and HIV

Discusses awareness of gender issues and differences with the disease, as well as challenges of understanding the experiences of those at greater risk of HIV.

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Published: 2002
The cancer epidemic as a social event

Argues that while the medical profession and cancer research institutions attribute most of the cancer increase to genetic and lifestyle factors, carcinogens in our air, water, food, and workplaces are significant causes of cancer. Criticizes the main objective of the fight against cancer, which is to find treatments or cures rather than promoting preventive measures. Concludes that many cancers could be prevented if the cancer-causing chemicals were removed from our environment.

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Published: 2004
Prevention of eating disorders: a dilemma

Discusses factors that have limited the success of programs to prevent eating disorders among teenage girls. Suggests strategies that may help, and identifies the need for better prevention resources. Lists educational kits for school-aged children.

Published: 1993
Fall prevention for older women: lifestyle, medical, and environmental strategies

Examines the effects of falling, reviews relevant risk factors, and discusses methods of assessing fall risk and preventing future falls.

Published: 2004
Hearing women's voices: a woman-specific HIV prevention project

Provides a resource kit on HIV/AIDS for service providers who work with women.

Stop smoking before it starts: an information kit for community organizations working with adolescent girls

Explains how to use a kit, which contains resources for adolescent girls on the prevention of smoking. Discusses activities and resources designed to help young women understand the messages they receive through advertising. Provides positive alternatives and choices about healthy lifestyles.

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Published: 2002
Health promotion for women

Discusses health promotion and disease prevention issues and programs in relation to gender and the needs of women's health. Prepared for the Canada-U.S.A. Women's Health Forum, Ottawa, ON, 1996 (CANUSA).

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Published: 1996
A framework and strategy for the prevention and management of osteoporosis: report of the Strategic Action Working Group on Oste

Demonstrates the impacts of osteoporosis on individuals and the health care system. Argues that effective management requires an integrated system of care.

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Published: 2000