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Community health centres: the better way to health reform
Sets out the case for strengthening primary care and proposes a key part of the solution - the creation of a network of community health centres in each province.
Published: 1995
Providing primary health care to immigrants and refugees: the North Hamilton experience
Provides an overview of the critical health issues that affect immigrants and refugees in Canada and describes the attempts of the Immigrant/Refugee Health Program of the North Hamilton Community Health Centre to meet their needs. Includes references. (See Details)
Published: 1998
Undoing medical conditioning

This article is an exploration of medical conditioning; Questions how it happens; How this conditioning shapes our views on health, disease, and the kinds of medical treatment we receive; Highlights Vancouver Women’s Health Collective and their efforts to interrupt their medical conditioning in their work.

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Published: 1980
Women in health

This article profiles four women's health organizations working with immigrant women. Identifying needs and what constitutes culturally appropriate care. 


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Published: 1991