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Manufacturing addiction: the over-prescription of tranquilizers and sleeping pills to women in Canada

Examines the over-prescription of benzodiazepines to women in Canada. Urges the establishment of clinical practice guidelines on the use and prescribing of these drugs and sleeping pills.

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Published: Winter/Spring 2004
Relief at what cost? Women with disabilities and substance use/misuse: tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs

Examines substance dependance (including tobacco) among women with disabilities, including why they start, continue and cut back/stop using substances, why the use of substances is different from non-disabled women, which substances cause the most problems, and which programs work.

Published: 1995

Looks at women's mental health and addictions issues, including eating disorders, mothering, rural issues, benzodiazepines, and workplaces.

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Published: 2004
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Discusses fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and its effects on children and adults. Looks at ways to reach women at high risk for giving birth to children damaged by substance use.

Published: 2003
The formative years: pathways to substance abuse among girls and young women ages 8-22

Examines the reasons why girls and young women use - or don’t use - tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, and certain prescription drugs for nonmedical purposes. Seeks to identify characteristics of girls and young women who abuse substances and when they are at highest risk of doing so. Assesses the impact of such use - including the likelihood that experimentation will become addiction - on girls and young women.

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Published: 2003
Horizons Two. Canadian women's alcohol and other drug use: increasing our understanding

Based on a report entitled, "Women and Substance Use in Canada." Presents highlights of this report and is intended as a quick reference and resource for addictions and public health staff involved in public education and community development, policy research staff involved in preparing briefs and other informationd documents, and applied researchers who need to collect better information on women's alcohol and drug use.

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Published: 1996
Report from Working Together: a national workshop for action on women and substance abuse

Summarizes the work done at Working Together: A National Workshop for Action on Women and Substance Use, held in Ottawa from February 22 to 24, 1994. Presents knowledge and information about issues and strategies related to women and substance use, misuse and abuse in Canada.

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Published: 1994
Women and addiction: gender issues in abuse and treatment

Describes addiction disorders among women, including research and clinical experiences demonstrating the differences in addiction between men and women.

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Manufacturing addiction: the over-prescription of benzodiazepines and sleeping pills to women in Canada

Outlines the pharmacology of benzodiazepines, prescribing rates and practices in Canada. Examines the over-prescription of these medications to women, as well as the effects of withdrawal and recovery from addiction.

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Published: 2003
A study of the service needs of pregnant addicted women in Manitoba

Describes service needs of pregnant women who are substance users. Suggests a gender-sensitive model for treatment and extending treatment to women who present while intoxicated.

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Published: 2000