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The challenges ahead for women's health: BC women's community consultation report
Describes the results of a province-wide community consultation requested by the Minister of Health that identifies the role of BC Women's in improving the health status of women in the province, increases awareness in the province of the range of BC Women's programs and services, identifies ways in which BC Women's could work with other organizations to promote women's health in this province, and explores the perceptions of women's health needs. The report reached more than 600 women in communities across BC and almost 200 health service providers. It highlights the major themes and issues and lays a foundation for improvements within BC Women's. This report is designed to help increase understanding of women's experiences and foster renewed impetus to implement change.
Published: 1995
An analysis of barriers facing immigrant women and their families in accessing health and social services
Analyzes the barriers that immigrant and refugee women face in accessing health and social services. Provides recommendations for action at all levels of service delivery.
Published: 1999
Intersecting inequalities: immigrant women of colour, violence & health care
Focuses on racialized immigrant women who have experienced intimate violence and their access to, and encounters with, the health care system. (See Details)
Published: 2001
It's about access: informing the debate on public and private health care
Provides an insider's look at the mix between public and private delivery and funding of health care services in the Canadian system. (See Details)
Published: 2006
First Nations health liaison workers: project evaluation report
Examines the progress being made in integrating First Nations Health Liaison Workers into the Battlefords Family Health Centre, a primary health services demonstration site. Examines perceived gaps in accessing serices as well as advocating for changes in and/or development of services to meet client needs.
Published: 2001
Improving the access to and quality of public health services for lesbians and gay men: a position paper for the Ontario Public
Provides the Ontario Public Health Association with a framework to improve the quality of care and the accessibility to health services for lesbians and gay men. Reviews the social contexts and issues that perpetuate the experiences of discrimination and oppression. Examines how oppression impacts the health and well-being of lesbians and gay men and argues that sexual identity should be considered as a determinant of health. Presents an action plan to identify potential health risks, educate communities with the goal to change attitudes, and improve the quality of interactions of gay men and lesbians with the health sector. (See Details)
Published: 2000
An examination of Aboriginal health service issues and federal Aboriginal health policy: presentation to the Standing Senate Com
Explores important factors in regard to federal involvement in delivering and funding health services to Aboriginal people and impact of federal policies on Aboriginal health.
Published: 2001
Birth by design: pregnancy, maternity care, and midwifery in North America and Europe
Explores the histories of midwifery and obstetrics, the role of state and of social movement in care at birth, the rise of managed care, and the impact of new perinatal technologies in Canada, the United States and Europe.
Published: 2001
The toolbox: culturally competent organisations, services and care pathways
Explores the characteristics and structures that combine to form a culturally competent organization, service or care pathway. Contains: an introduction to the toolbox including a review of the literature on Culturally Competent Services; a report of the process involved in developing the toolkit that outlines how the perceptions of professionals and communities towards cultural competency have been researched, and a collection of file dividers that point to the useful national and local documents conerned with ethnicity and cultural competency one needs to have access to e.g. local strategy on ethnicity, local and national ethnic monitoring data, and a summary of the MacPherson Report.
Published: 2000
Improving population health, health promotion, disease prevention and health protection services and programs for Aboriginal peo
Identifies key issues of concern and recommendations for follow-up to improve population health, health protection, health promotion, and disease prevention services and programs for Aboriginal people. (See Details)
Published: 2002