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Transforming spaces: girlhood, agency and power: conference summary report

Presents articles, stories, poetry and essays, all related to a national conference that brought together girls, grassroots workers, academics, and artists who work with/for girls and young women. // Présente des articles, histoires, comptines et poèmes reliés à une conférence nationale qui a rassemblé des filles, des femmes travaillant dans le milieu communautaire, des universitaires et des artistes travaillant avec et auprès des filles et des jeunes femmes.

Published: 2004
Frequently asked questions about violence and young women

Demonstrates that girls are at greater risk for sexual abuse compared to boys. Includes information about the higher risk of violence for young women and girls from marginalized communities. Lists information on resources available for assaulted women.

Adolescent girls affected by violent conflict: why should we care?

Recognizes the specific situations of adolescent girls affected by violent conflict. Examines adolescent girls' participation in conflict prevention, peacebuilding, and community development.

Published: 2005
BodyWise handbook

Provides fact sheets and resource lists designed to help health care providers and school personnel to detect eating disorders among adolescents and provide suggestions for promoting positive body image and healthy eating behaviors.

The formative years: pathways to substance abuse among girls and young women ages 8-22

Examines the reasons why girls and young women use - or don’t use - tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, and certain prescription drugs for nonmedical purposes. Seeks to identify characteristics of girls and young women who abuse substances and when they are at highest risk of doing so. Assesses the impact of such use - including the likelihood that experimentation will become addiction - on girls and young women.

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Published: 2003
Power camp: model and project tool

Designed to provide tools for either organizations or young women to create Power Camp programs.

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Published: 2001
Educating girls: gender gaps and gains

Presented as a wallchart. Identifies countries having a gender gap in education in 1995, based on the difference between male and female primary and secondary gross enrollment rates.

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Published: 1998
HIP - health in perspective: a youth-led approach to healthier lifestyles

Presents an active learning program designed to help young women, aged 10-15 years, develop healthy and active lifestyles. Focuses on smoking prevention and cessation while encouraging active living, critical media awareness, respect for self and the environment, and positive ways to deal with stress. Teaches critical life skills to young women using a peer-leader approach. Includes a set of two guides, the Facilitator's Guide, and the Peer Leader's Guide.

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Published: 2000
Advancing the health of girls and women: a women's health strategy for British Columbia

Describes an approach to understanding girls' and women's health and provides background information to promote the development of initiatives to integrate girls' and women's health into research, policy and clinical care.

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Published: 2004
Teenage girls and smoking: a research agenda: workshop report, Nov. 30 - Dec. 1, 2001

Presents issues relevant to research on teen girls and smoking. Throughout the two-day workshop, two significant themes emerged as being important to incorporate in all research investigating tobacco use in girls: integration and mainstreaming of sex and gender into all tobacco-related research across the four CIHR pillars plus policy research; and integration of a developmental approach to the study of smoking in girls and teenaged girls. (See Details)

Published: 2002