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Challenges in working with older women

Discusses issues involved in working with older women who are victims of violence in relationships or other types of domestic violence.

Published: 1997
Are you on the right track? A healthy relationship quiz for boys and girls

Provides a quiz for young women and men to see if they can identify healthy and harmful relationships.

Published: 2002
Violence against women in Canada

Discusses and gives statistics on the prevalence of physical and sexual abuse. Examines abuse by a marital partner, including the incidence and type of injuries, and abuse committed during pregnancy.

Published: 2002
Assisting immigrant and refugee women abused by their sponsors: a guide for service providers
Describes the immigration processes that service providers need to be aware of when working with immigrant or refugee women who are abused by their sponsor. Suggests particular difficulties faceced in accessing personal safety, protection and the consequences of leaving an abusive sponsor. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Same-sex domestic violence: strategies for change
Examines a range of issues that confront victims of same-sex domestice violence, whether women or men, and those who offer them services.
Published: 1999
Common legal questions
Consists of answers to frequently asked questions regarding a woman's legal rights when leaving an abusive relationship. Discusses court proceedings, legal separation, dividing assets, and child custody. (See Details)
Published: 2000
What happens tomorrow?
Provides information about healthy relationships and what one can do to make an unhealthy one better, and gives resources to obtain help. Written for people who could be identified as potential abusers.
Published: 2002
What is a good relationship?
Provides information about healthy relationships and how to make an unhealthy one better, and gives resources to obtain help. Written for people who are in danger of being abused.
Published: 2002
Physical abuse during pregnancy
Presents information on the frequency, risk factors and clinical outcomes of physical abuse during pregnancy. (See Details)
Published: 2004
8th & 8th Health Centre domestic violence/abuse screening guidelines implementation evaluation: final report
Evaluates a pilot universal domestic violence screening protocol in place at the 8th & 8th Health Centre.
Published: 2004