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Supporting health-related quality of life for old women

Provides a life span development perspective on possibilities for achieving psychological gains in old age, a review of effective coping resources, and a summary of key elements of health-related quality of life. Offers suggestions for contributing to older women’s quality of life in the context of delivering health care services.

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Published: 2004
Work-life balance

Explores the topic of work-life balance and its related consequences. Speaks to the causes and outcomes of time-stress felt, including gender roles and the changing family, declining fertility rates, informal caregivers and, lifetime labour transitions. PDF required.

Published: 2006
How to carry out a community quality of life project: a manual
Provides a population health approach to understanding communities, their strengths and their needs. Presents a process by which community factors that affect quality of life can be identified, an evaluation of the value of the quality of life model developed by the Centre for Health Promotion for considering community needs, and the identification of the strengths and drawbacks to participatory approaches to assessing the quality of life of communities. Based on the experiences of two large community quality of life projects in Toronto, and contains examples from these projects. Emphasizes the social determinants of health and well-being and uses a quality of life model to consider the effects of these determinants. Provides an overview of the community quality of life approach and its guiding principles.
Published: 1998
If low-income women of colour counted in Toronto
Finds that low-income women of colour in Toronto are isolated, overworked, subject to racism and discrimination, and chronically poor. Provides recommendations and stratefies to effect positive change. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Work-life conflict in Canada in the new millennium: a status report
Examines work-life conflict in Canada and details how prevalent it is, its various forms, and the impact is has on organizations, families and employees. (See Details)
Published: 2003