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Bibliography of evaluation studies relating to Inuit midwifery
Provides a bibliography of evaluation studies relating to Inuit midwifery, as well as research studies relating to birth and perinatal care in Northern communities. Link requries PDF reader. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Midwifery: from recognition to regulation - the perils of government intervention

This article discusses new midwifery legislation and the side effects of government recognition. Illustrates the unique and valuable role of a midwife. 


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Published: 1992
Profiles: midwifery coalition of Nova Scotia

This article highlights initiatives by the Midwifery Coalition of Nova Scotia to legalize Midwifery. Discusses a proposed pilot project to compare the success rate and cost of hospital based midwife supervised births to medically controlled deliveries. 


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Published: 1992
Midwifery in transition

This article discusses the regulation of midwifery and white privilege. Explores how white midwifery can work to create an  inclusive practice in order to provide appropriate care for a diversity of women. 


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Published: 1993
A case for lay abortion: learning from midwifery

This article examines the history of lay abortion. Seeks to close the gap between the pro-choice and midwifery movements. 

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Published: 1983
In praise of midwifery

This article explores the history of choices in childbirth. Shares one woman's home birth experience. 

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Published: 1991
Outsourcing births

The Network speaks with health advocate Shirley Tagalik about why her northern town is fighting to bring maternity care back to their community.

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Published: Spring/Summer 2011
State of world’s midwifery 2011: delivering health, saving lives

Presents a body of knowledge to inform and accelerate the availability of quality midwifery services for women and newborns throughout the world. Aims to make a valuable contribution both to strengthening the midwifery workforce around the world and to the critical planning that is needed to achieve the health Millennium Development Goals. Focused on 58 countries with high rates of maternal, foetal and newborn mortality.

This report resulted from the collaborative efforts of 30 agencies and organizations and hundreds of individuals working at national, subnational, regional and global levels. It is a response to the ‘Global Call to Action’ issued at the Symposium on Strengthening Midwifery at Women Deliver in Washington, DC in June 2010.

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Published: 2011
Midwifery update

This article discusses the current state of midwifery in Canada. Seeks to make space for the discussion of the state of midwifery in order to be pro active. Reviews what is happening with midwifery in each province and discusses how to move forward. 

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Published: 1982
Visions for women’s reproductive care: interview with two health activists

This article shares an interview with two health activists about development in the pro-choice struggle and the fight to legalize midwifery. Discuss the importance of shared visions and the complexities of balancing short and long-term strategies to achieve fundamental change. 


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Published: 1988