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Women's sexual health
Provides a reference book that covers the range of women's sexual and reproductive health issues.
Published: 2005
Women and sexual and reproductive health
Discusses women's sexual and reproductive health as a key aspect of health that impacts our quality of life regardless of age, gender, culture, abilities, sexual orientation or other characteristics that make up our identity. Provides statistical information on the status of women's sexual and reproductive health in Canada and profiles Health Canada Initiatives in this area. (See Details)
Published: 1999
Rethinking differences and rights in sexual and reproductive health: a training manual for health care providers
Promotes an approach to sexual and reproductive health care that recognizes different needs and perspectives within a context of respect for the rights and dignity of men and women. Provides health professionals with a framework for examining the quality of care, including the quality of human relations, technical quality, and quality of administration and management of health services. (See Details)
Gender, health and development in the Americas: basic indicators, 2005
Provides basic statistical indicators that illustrate the differences between women and men in terms of health status and its socioeconomic determinants. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Developing cultural competence in reproductive health care: understanding every woman
Provides recommendations on how to develop a culturally competent workplace and to provide strategies for addressing the concerns and specific needs of women of colour, low-income women, and immigrant women. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Annotated bibliography on reproductive health hazards in the workplace in Canada
Presents an annotated bibliography with an emphasis on Canadian material and experience since 1980 and relevant legal cases since 1970 on reproductive health hazards in the workplace.
Published: 1988
HERA action sheets
Examines topics as gender equality and equity, women's empowerment, and adolescents' sexual and reproductive rights and health. (See Details)
Reproductive and sexual health
Explores the effects of diabetes on women's reproductive health. Discusses how living with diabetes can influence a woman's sexual experiences both physically and emotionally. Provides information on the effects of diabetes on birth control and menstruation. (See Details)
Published: 2002
A world view: Catholic attitudes on sexual behavior and reproductive health
Published: 2004
Reproductive and sexual health
Provides an overview of the current status (1996) and primary focus of women's reproductive and sexual health services in the United States. Prepared for the Canada-U.S.A. Women's Health Forum, Ottawa, ON, 1996 (CANUSA). (See Details)
Published: 1996