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HERA action sheets
Examines topics as gender equality and equity, women's empowerment, and adolescents' sexual and reproductive rights and health. (See Details)
Reproductive and sexual health
Explores the effects of diabetes on women's reproductive health. Discusses how living with diabetes can influence a woman's sexual experiences both physically and emotionally. Provides information on the effects of diabetes on birth control and menstruation. (See Details)
Published: 2002
A world view: Catholic attitudes on sexual behavior and reproductive health
Published: 2004
Montreal Health Press collection

The publications that make up the archives of the Montreal Health Press, scanned by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and now available online. 

The first publication of the MHP was the Birth Control Handbook, published in 1968  when it was illegal to give out information about contraception in Canada. This and subsequent guides to the successful use of birth control methods have influenced and helped generations of women and men for over 40 years.

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Book review - The UNhysterectomy

Reviews the book The UNhysterectomy: Solving Your Painful, Heavy Bleeding Without Major Surgery by Holly Bridges. Bridges argues for a rethinking of gynecologists’ aggressive approaches to treating women’s gynaecological problems, in particular heavy menstrual bleeding. Using her personal story as well as other case studies, Bridges shows that heavy menstrual bleeding can be successfully treated through minimally invasive surgery. Compared to hysterectomy, the recovery time is much quicker and there are many fewer short and long-term side effects.

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Published: 2012
Double exposure the fight against reproductive hazards in the workplace

This article discusses exclusionary practices by industries; how often women have been excluded from jobs traditionally worked by men that may involve occupational hazards to reproduction; Discusses risks for men; Calls for improvement of work environment rather than discrimination of workers; Includes excerpt from “Workplace Hazards to Reproduction” Jennifer Penney, Health November 1978.

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Published: 1980
Not the oldest profession

This article consists of an interview with two women about problems they encountered while working for a professional patient teaching program. 

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Published: 1985
Beyond male bias in occupational health

In this article, Debbie Field speaks with Stan Gray of the Hamilton Workers’ Occupational Health and Safety Centre. Discusses how the centre responds to reproductive workplace hazards. 

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Published: 1985
Quick reference guide to family planning research

The Quick Reference Guide, a snapshot of the most-up-to-date findings on a range of family planning topics, is part of FHI's efforts to incorporate research and programmatic findings more widely into policies and programs in order to improve family planning and reproductive health services.

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Published: 2010
Science fiction/science fact

This article explores the blurred narratives within science fiction and science practice. 

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Published: 1985