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Give it to me now: sexual health information and services for older youth in British Columbia

Reports on a study that explored the sexual health information and service needs of young adults beyond adolescence (ages 19-30).

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Published: 2006
Making space for young heterosexual males: gender and HIV/AIDS prevention education

Describes the results of a study that explored young heterosexual males' perceptions of sexual behaviours, roles, and responsibilities, and determined obstacles and gaps in their sexual health decision-making. Includes recommendations.

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Published: 2006
Women's sexual and reproductive health in Canada: a synthesis of research by the Centres of Excellence for Women's Health

Identifies conceptual and content gaps in Canadian research, policy and programming on sexual and reproductive health.

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Published: 2003
Adolescent sexual health services and education: options for Nova Scotia

Identifies health and educational policy issues concerning adolescents and their sexual health, so that action to address this area can be considered for Nova Scotia.

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Published: 2000
Sexual health services and education for adolescents: options for Nova Scotia
Summarizes the findings of a research project on sexual activity, sexual health policies and services, and options for addressing sexual health among young women in Nova Scotia. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Young women's experiences in obtaining sexual health services and education in a Nova Scotia community
Provides a summary of research examining the barriers that prevent young women from receiving effectiv sexual health education and services. (See Details)
Published: 1999