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Lichen sclerosis: a guide for teens

Explains what lichen sclerosis is and what it looks like, what causes it, what the symptoms are and how it's diagnosed, it there is treatment or medicine, if you need surgerty, if you are able to have sex, and if it causes cancer.

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Published: 1999-2004
The V zone: a woman's guide to intimate health care
Provides information on vaginal and vulvar health, as well as common gynaecological conditions, such as vaginitis, yeast infections, painful sex, STIs, vulvodynia, and urinary tract infections.
Published: 2001
20 common problems in women's health care
Looks at the twenty conditions that most often prompt women to seek health care. Provides relevant pathophysiology, patient evaluation procedures, diagnostics, and treatment.
Published: 2000
The V book: a doctor's guide to complete vulvovaginal health
Offers a guide on vulvovaginal matters, including specific illnesses and their treatments.
Published: 2002