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The double life dilemma: young South Asian women in violent relationships

Discusses the barriers that South Asian women face in leaving an abusive relationship. Lists the reasons for the difficulties within the culture. Provides a list of culturally sensitive services.

Published: 2000
Racial discrimination as a health risk for female youth: implications for policy and healthcare delivery in Canada: final report

Presents the findings of a participatory research process involving young women of colour that explored how racism impacts their access to quality healthcare, health education and health information.

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Published: 2003
Canada: the new frontier for Filipino mail-order brides

Seeks to bring out the voices, experiences and struggles of Filipino mail-order brides in Canada.

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Published: 2000
The health of minority women

Examines various topics regarding the health of minority women in the United States, which includes African American or Black women, Hispanic women or Latinas, Asian American women, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander women and American Indian/Alaska Native women. Looks at barriers limiting access to health care, the use of preventive health services, and health status and concerns.

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Published: 2003
Sharing our experience
Provides a collection of stories that speak to the diverse experience of racial minority and Aboriginal women.
Published: 1993
Sexual assault & HIV: a brochure for Asian women
Provides information for East and Southeast Asian women on what sexual assault is, HIV and AIDS, protecting yourself, testing and coping techniques. Includes contact information for AIDS information lines and sexual assault associations.
Published: 2000
A randomized controlled trial of interventions to promote cervical cancer screening among Chinese women in North America;94/9/670
States that North American Chinese women have lower levels of Papanicolaou (Pap) testing than other population subgroups. Suggests that culturally and linguistically appropriate interventions may improve Pap testing levels. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Hindi normal ang aking Pap test, anong ibig sabihin nito?
Provides very simple and basic information, in Tagalog, on what abnormal Pap test results can mean. Includes contact information for Ontario screening programs. (See Details)
Our worlds, our revolutions: di/verse voices of black women, and women of colour in Canada
Compiles an anthology of essays and poetry about personal histories and social and political issues from a diverse array of authors.
Published: 2000
Facilitators and barriers to cervical cancer screening among Chinese Canadian women
Recommends continuing education about Pap testing for physicians serving underscreened Chinese women, and the development of linguistically appropriate educational materials.
Published: 2003