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Our worlds, our revolutions: di/verse voices of black women, and women of colour in Canada
Compiles an anthology of essays and poetry about personal histories and social and political issues from a diverse array of authors.
Published: 2000
Facilitators and barriers to cervical cancer screening among Chinese Canadian women
Recommends continuing education about Pap testing for physicians serving underscreened Chinese women, and the development of linguistically appropriate educational materials.
Published: 2003
The colours of menopause

This article addresses the difference in the needs and expectations of non white women going through menopause. Shares stories of women from different cultures about menopause. 




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Published: 1990
Menopause in Japan means konenki

This article explores the different experiences and understandings of menopause for women in Japan as compared to women in North America. Acknowledges the power of language in shaping our experiences. 

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Published: 1990