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Social justice is good for our hearts: why societal factors, not lifestyles, are major causes of heart disease in Canada and els

Outlines the role that income and its distribution play in the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

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Published: 2002
In these times

Tells the story of a front line community health worker, experience in a difficult profession witnessing the misery that is being perpetuated in the name of balanced budgets.

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Published: 1998
Women's poverty, women's health: the role of access to justice

Addresses the role of access to justice in responding to women's increased poverty and reduced health resulting from government restructuring. Considers the interrelationship of social assistance and justice, examining selected services accessed by poor women, the changes effected as part of government restructuring in recent years, their impact on women's health, and the potential in legal responses.

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Published: 2001
1992 conference women and justice/injustice: eight years 'till 2000
Provides a report on the 1992 conference "Women and Justice/Injustice."
Published: 1992
Inclusion: will our social and economic strategies take us there?
Addresses the worsening socioeconomic situations of increasing numbers of women, children, and communities in Atlantic Canada by re-evaluating both the term "poverty" and all its implications.
Published: 2000
Towards a feminist political economy
Examines how gender-based analysis and feminist approaches can inform and infuse international social justice activism. (See Details)
Published: 2005
The legal system and its impact on women's health: a largely uninvestigated terrain
Considers the potential and limitations of the legal system in women's struggle for social justice. The argument put forward in the paper is that though rarely taken into account when examining women's health, the legal system is a key determinant of women's health. (See Details)
Published: 1999
Social justice and women's health: a Canadian perspective
Explores gender disparities in health status and interactions with the health care system. (See Details)
Published: 1999
Women and social reform
Reviews the origins of current principles and practices of social reform, their impact on federal and provincial reform of programs and services, and the ways these social reforms alter women’s opportunities for well being. (See Details)
Published: 1999
Feminist perspectives on social inclusion and children's well-being
Examines the policy concepts of social inclusion and exclusion in children’s policy from a feminist perspective. Argues that the feminist concept of social reproduction offers a corrective. Provides a framework for social inclusion that both invites debate about the maintenance and reproduction of society and makes children a priority. (See Details)
Published: 2002