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22 ways to put more spring in your step$File/22_ways_to_put_more_spring_in_your_step.pdf
Encourages physical activity in older women and men, and provides tips and suggestions. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Francophone seniors in Ontario: a statistical profile
Presents a general profile of francophone seniors in Ontario. highlights differences between francophones aged 65 and over and the province's senior population in order to determine the relative status of francophone seniors. Examines: demographic characteristics including representation and regional distribution and living arrangements; French language retention; levels of education; labour force activity and income levels. (See Details)
Published: 1996
22 ways to put more spring in your step (Arabic)$file/22_ways_to_put_more_spring_in_your_step-ar.pdf
Encourages physical activity in older women and men, and provides tips and suggestions, in Arabic. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Planning for change: women & chemical dependencies
Reports on the Canadian Mental Health Association conference, 'Planning for Change: Women & Chemical Dependencies' held in St. John's on June 11 to 13, 1993. The conference addressed chemical dependency in three specific focus groups: young women, elderly women and Native women. Successive workshops focused on guiding principles in the education and treatment of women, social realities, substance abuse issues specific to each group, services currently available, and ways to make prevention and treatment programs more effective. This report summarizes the collective knowledge, experience and recommendations of the women who participated in the conference. From this conference came the overwhelming sense that substance abuse is a symptom of underlying problems facing women in our society such as low self-esteem; physical, sexual or psychological abuse; poverty; and isolation. It became apparent that improving the quality of women's lives is an effective way to prevent substance abuse and to speed recovery. The report concludes with recommendations to develop culturally sensitive programs for Native women, to provide day care for women in treatment, to treat addictions in holistic ways that address underlying social and psychological problems, to provide social activities that overcome isolation and replace pastimes centred on drugs or alcohol, to teach problem solving skills and stress management.
Published: 1993
22 ways to put more spring in your step (Chinese)$file/22_ways_to_put_more_spring_in_your_step_pdf-ch.pdf
Encourages physical activity in older women and men, and provides tips and suggestions, in Chinese. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Health Canada women's health forum: focus group report
Investigates the views of a wide range of Canadian women in advance of the 1996 Canada-USA Women's Health Forum. In order to shape the content of the Women's Health Forum with input from Canadian Women, Health Canada commissioned eleven focus groups of women from all walks of life to identify their needs, issues, priorities, and concerns about their health. This study's objectives are: to assess the level of understanding of the issues; to identify the current priorities in the area of women's health; to identify the key concerns for each of the issues identified by Health Canada; to identify what gaps there are in the issues addressed by the Forum agenda; to identify the sources of health information currently being received, and to provide an opportunity to help develop the agenda, deliberations, and possible conference outcomes.
Published: 1996
How to avoid falling: a guide for active aging and independence
Provides a practical guide to minimizing the occurence of falls as well as their devastating effects.
Published: 2004
22 ways to put more spring in your step (Greek)$file/22_ways_to_put_more_spring_in_your_step-gr.pdf
Encourages physical activity in older women and men, and provides tips and suggestions, in Greek. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Women in an aging society: report of proceedings - national workshop, Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 20, 1988
Proceedings of a national workshop which focused on two issues: (1) the impact of the health and social service systems on senior women and the role of health professionals and caregivers and (2) economic self-sufficiency, with an emphasis n the feminization of poverty, pensions, and housing. Includes "Ideas for Action", a synopsis of the conference presentations, and eight articles from the conference.
Published: 1989
Aging well: the complete guide to physical and emotional health
Provides a reference guide that focuses on the physical and emotional issues that affect seniors and their loved ones.
Published: 2000