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Gender, health and ageing
Examines the gender differences in patterns and impact of major diseases of the elderly, as well as in access to health care services. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Seniors and HIV/AIDS: it's time to start talking
Discusses the need for seniors to protect themselves from HIV. Identifies the symptoms and risks of contracting the virus and highlights the greater risk menopausal women face. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Eldercare in Canada: context, content and consequences
Provides an initial analysis of the nature and extent of informal elder caregiving in Canada for the subpopulation of seniors who require help because of a long-term health or activity limitation.
Published: 1999
Senior women in New Brunswick
Provides statistical data on the population, living arrangements, health, and income of senior women in New Brunswick. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Elderly and able?

This article explores the health problems of growing older. Discusses mental health and aging. Challenges for elders without community support. 

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Published: 1987
Long-term care homes legislation : Lessons from Ontario

Looks at why gender matters when discussing long-term care homes using the Ontario Legislature's 2007 Long-term Care Homes Act as an example.

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Published: Fall/Winter 2007
Best practices: treatment and rehabilitation for seniors with substance use problems – gender differences

Examines sex and gender as it relates to seniors’ substance use. Finds that older men have more substance use problems but older women are more prone to accidents as a result of substance use.

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Published: 2002
Rachel’s story: an excerpt from silver threads

This story shares one woman's experience of growing old. Describes and analyses the economic, political, social and physical forces that affect all of us as we grow older. 

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Published: 1987