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How to avoid falling: a guide for active aging and independence
Provides a practical guide to minimizing the occurence of falls as well as their devastating effects.
Published: 2004
22 ways to put more spring in your step (Greek)$file/22_ways_to_put_more_spring_in_your_step-gr.pdf
Encourages physical activity in older women and men, and provides tips and suggestions, in Greek. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Women in an aging society: report of proceedings - national workshop, Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 20, 1988
Proceedings of a national workshop which focused on two issues: (1) the impact of the health and social service systems on senior women and the role of health professionals and caregivers and (2) economic self-sufficiency, with an emphasis n the feminization of poverty, pensions, and housing. Includes "Ideas for Action", a synopsis of the conference presentations, and eight articles from the conference.
Published: 1989
Aging well: the complete guide to physical and emotional health
Provides a reference guide that focuses on the physical and emotional issues that affect seniors and their loved ones.
Published: 2000
Long-term care homes legislation : Lessons from Ontario

Looks at why gender matters when discussing long-term care homes using the Ontario Legislature's 2007 Long-term Care Homes Act as an example.

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Published: Fall/Winter 2007
Best practices: treatment and rehabilitation for seniors with substance use problems – gender differences

Examines sex and gender as it relates to seniors’ substance use. Finds that older men have more substance use problems but older women are more prone to accidents as a result of substance use.

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Published: 2002
Rachel’s story: an excerpt from silver threads

This story shares one woman's experience of growing old. Describes and analyses the economic, political, social and physical forces that affect all of us as we grow older. 

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Published: 1987
Elderly and able?

This article explores the health problems of growing older. Discusses mental health and aging. Challenges for elders without community support. 

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Published: 1987