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Guide to developing local breast cancer information sheets
Designed to assist local and regional groups prepare and use their own information sheets (InfoSheets) to help individuals and organizations find out about breast cancer information and support services that are available in their area.
Published: 1997
Breast cancer information triage tool
Developed to help individuals and organizations respond appropriately to requests for information on breast cancer. (See Details)
Published: 1997
A family planning library manual
offers guidelines for establishing an effective family planning library collection. While originally conceived as a classification manual for use among the Planned Parenthood affiliates, the guidelines for organizing and maintaining a small library as presented in this manual, can be regarded as a tool for all small special libraries.
Published: 1994
Measuring the difference: guide to planning and evaluating health information outreach
Describes ideas for planning and evaluating health information outreach programs including community assessment, developing goals, planning, evaluation, data gathering and analysis, and reporting results. (See Details)
Published: 2000
To Shave or not to Shave: We're not talking legs and underarms - we're talking pubic hair

Information sheet explaining what can happen when shaving pubic hair.

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Profiles - violence in lesbian relationships a double invisibility : an interview with sally papsco

This article is an interview with sally papsco about violence in lesbian relationships. Identifies appropriate resources and support. Discusses the unique challenges of addressing intimate partner violence in lesbian communities. 


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Published: 1993
Radiation - answers to your questions

This article exposes the mystery of radiation in a question and answer format; attempts to lay out a basic understanding of how radiation works; discusses how radiation affects our bodies; how radiation can cure as well as cause cancer; birth defects and radiation; discusses concerns with X-rays; uranium, nuclear weapons; how to reduce exposure.

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Published: 1981
New research and treatments for endometriosis

This article discusses emdometriosis. Shares new research and treatment options. 

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Published: 1991
Tapping medical knowledge

This article questions how we access health information. How to demystify medical terminology and health information from doctors. Demonstrates how public libraries, academic and medical libraries and small resource centres can help. Gives tips on how to find your way around a library. 

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Published: 1981
Why we need a canadian women's health network

This article highlights reasons why a Canadian Women's Health Network is necessary. Outlines the importance of maintaining a united pro choice feminist voice on women on health issues. 

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Published: 1982